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Meizu M3 Max review

Chinese smart phone producer Meizu may not have the same degree of worldwide product identification as Huawei or Xiaomi, but that hasn’t ceased them from launching great cost-effective mobile phones like the M3 Observe. While most new mobile phones seem to have display dimensions around 5.5″, Meizu’s lately launched M3 Max requires it up a level to 6.0″ for a hypothetically better media intake encounter.

Recent Meizu coverage

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Meizu M5 Observe announcement

Meizu M5 announcement

So, is the M3 Max the new master of the large-smartphone market? Or does it are unsuccessful in key areas? Let’s take an in-depth Meizu MX6 VS Meizu M3E2 jump with our extensive Meizu M3 Max review!


The M3 Max’s style doesn’t package any big excitement, but that shouldn’t be taken as a adverse. Just as is the situation with most Meizu system we’ve used, construction is great. The phone’s is designed entirely of a metallic unibody, which is an outstanding and tank-like encounter.

The cool encounter of steel and well refined looks of the M3 Max are also hard to neglect. The chamfered sides and simple aerial line is awesome hits, and although the overall style can seem general and iPhone-like, there’s no question that it features a degree of “premium-ness” that has been continuously sneaking into this cost classification.

There are a few disadvantages to this style, however. The side-to-back chamfers are not really enough to cover the M3 Max’s boxy uncurved body system, and the part control buttons are not tactilely classified, which makes it somewhat hard to choose the right key.

The phone’s bigger dimensions also a significant aspect to consider, as it can make one-handed use quite complicated. With that Huawei p10 plus PK Samsung S8 said, this could also be looked at a beneficial, as the M3 Max’s 6.0″ show is very awesome for viewing video clips or getting referrals. It’s an unavoidable trade-off, but one that will definitely please some while frustrating others.

Instead of with the three-key structure available on many other Android operating system mobile phones, the M3 Max has a individual actual house key that features as both house and back again. Meizu phone calls it mTouch, and, although it does take a day or two to get used to, it’s an amazing way of managing navigation: media down for house, tap for back again.

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