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I think that agility is one of the most helpful skills in the Runescape, which can't be improved by your Runescape Gold. If you have a high level of agility, you can run longer than other gamers, which will brings a lot of benifits and makes you look cool.

The Basics

Agility can be a fun skill to train, and it comes in very useful throughout the game. Certain areas around RuneScape require you to have an Agility level higher than one, and many of the more difficult quests, as well as some easy ones, require you to have a certain Agility level to complete them. One of the most important reasons to get experience in Agility is the fact that this skill is closely related to Running.

Run Energy

Run Energy is essentially a measure of a player's Stamina, and gives players the ability to run instead of walk through the land of RuneScape. Running is about twice as fast as walking, and while a player is running, their Run Energy will become depleted until it has been drained to 0. The more weight a player is carrying, the faster their Run Energy will decrease. Once a player has no Run Energy left, they will be unable to run until some Run Energy is recovered.

Run Energy is recovered gradually over time when a player is not running, including walking, standing, or listening to a Musician. The higher a player's Agility level, the faster their Run Energy will be recovered.

Failing Obstacles

In the higher level Agility courses it is possible to fail obstacles. If you do fail an obstacle then you will get hit damage. The amount of damage that you get hit changes depending on which obstacle you failed and your Life Points at the time of failing. If you fail, you don't gain any experience, but you can still get the full course experience if you redo the obstacle that you failed. If you don't retry the obstacle, or if you skip one, you won't earn the full course xp.

Gnome Agility Course

When you first start training Agility, it's highly recommended that you begin at the Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility course. The stronghold is located north-west of Ardougne. It's by far the easiest way to quickly gain experience, as there is no chance of failing and getting hurt.

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